Lens is a speculative series of apps designed to tell a story based on three prompts. By constraining our vision for the future I was challenged to narrow in and develop a narrative that would encompass my given departure points.

I looked at the historic trajectory of UI design to inform the chosen aesthetic for my visuals.

Skeuomorphism was dominant for a while, but it was eventually abandoned in favour for a flatter and more digital style. Our understanding of electronic interfaces was starting to mature, and skeuomorphism was viewed only as a set of redundant shackles that restricted the freedom truly flat and digital designs would allow.

Google's release of Material Design, could be seen as a balancing act between these two ideologies. It embodied a set of principles that take skeuomorphic cues from paper and apply them to digital "sheets". This allowed Google to avoid the feeling of being trapped in the past while still creating something truly new.

On Apple's end, their departure from skeuomorphism meant designs with more white space and emphasis on typography. It is in Apple's newer interfaces that we see gradients and translucency making a comeback, such as with the release of OS X Yosemite.

I lift elements from both Material and Apple's new interface language for my following designs. I believe strongly in the way Material still uses real world physics to make interfaces more intuitive, but also in the potential for digital elements to display information in new ways. I also make everything rounder. Because larger corner radii are the future.

Artboard 4.jpg
Artboard 3.jpg

Sustain is a food ordering app regulated by the government and used by all citizens to fulfill their dietary needs. In this app I sought to emulate the quick convenience we have today with digital purchases within app stores.  I was inspired by the design of the Google Play Store to position suggested meals and items through cards.


The cart is a card that floats above the main content staying at the very bottom of the screen. Once the selection for the order is finished, you can pull up the cart to confirm its contents before checking out.


Cinch is a money management app. In this layout, I've split up top level navigation into individual cards layered "on top" of each other. Only the most recent information peeks out from underneath the next card until it's brought to the foreground with a tap. To return, a swipe down will reveal all the cards again.


ReVision is my take on an augmented reality app. I imagine it to function more as a remote control for paired glasses or contact lenses that will create the actual changes in your vision. The floating action button allows you to quickly hide, replace, or create anything after selecting the desired object from the phone camera. The top-most option, "Eye" gives the users the ability to take photos of their augmented reality.