Soft Goods Project

A brief overview of my progress so far.

This project required us to design a soft goods product for a parent and a small child. My target audience is an active dad who enjoys travel and camping with a young son (around 1 year old). We have to style our final creation to look like something that would fit in the Black & Decker product line, so that's where all the orange is coming from.

Some exploratory sketches. Took some inspiration from that navy and orange tote you posted.

My "sushi bag" idea develops. The gimmick is the panel that unrolls to provide a clean surface for quick diaper changes and a small play/rest area when necessary.

Some deeper explorations, the introduction of backpack straps making the sushi bag (name not finalized) a joint weekender/backpack hybrid. I split the bag here into two compartments - quick access for diaper changes which doubles as a normal backpack access and a more typical weekender/gym bag type compartment. Some simple colour exploration.

Dimensions for my rough model.

In backpack form.

Weekender form.


Some final sketches (I just drew them) to work out and colour placement and how to hide the backpack straps.